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“John Randall brings a pastor’s heart and a coach’s mind together to equip the local congregation  to become church in this age.  I recommend this program for those who desire to disciple people who can transform the world.”

Dr. Jim Robey, United Methodist Minister and Master Certified Coach

From the INUMC:


How has a SOIL group added value to your ministry?

“It has added value to my ministry by just having a calm in the storm. I enjoyed getting to know new folks and hearing how they problem solved situations that were very familiar to what I was dealing with. I especially appreciated the meditation piece of the time together. The breakout rooms were good for deeper conversations .”  Lajo Dunbar


“Being able to talk with other pastors, to trouble-shoot problems, to discuss concerns and to just be with others who are going down the same road and journey of pastoring small or fairly small churches has been helpful.  Helpful in that we are all doing this together and our mission is the same .”  Jodi Kosary


“Opportunity to connect and gain wisdom from the group.  Opportunity to present issues. I really liked the issue presentation worksheet.  I now use that often just to get my thoughts clear. I liked the one minute prayer. Still using it.” Roberta Cook


Steve Conner:

Looking for a great coach? One who understands ministry? Pastoring? Relationships? Developing your teams? John Randall is not only trained in the art and ministry of coaching, but has the natural innate gifts, skills and experience that allows John to be effective in coming alongside you in a positive, forward movement way. I highly recommend John Randall and Trans4mational Coaching as a great resource for you, your church, your team or your organization.

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