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"An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality." - Simon Sinek 

I really don’t think we can ever renew the church until we stop thinking of it as an institution and start thinking of it as a movement. —Clarence Jordan, letter, 1967

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Positive Intelligence (PQ) part 1:  Creating a reflective space in liminal seasons. 

One of my favorite Jesus stories is his journey on the road to Emmaus.

It seems way too familiar that the 2 walking are in a bit of a brain fog.

A couple of years ago, I began a new journey.  Like each of us, I had no idea what the last few months would hold.  Brain fog seems real to me.

During this journey, I have humbly had the honor and privilege to connect with an increasing circle of church leaders far and near.  There is a common experience of brain fog and a common desire for a healthy reflective space.

Susan Beaumont writes about liminal seasons.  Seasons when we really can’t see clearly.  Kind of reminds me of a couple guys walking home to Emmaus.  It reminds me of what I often hear from church leaders.

Personally, I have often wondered why Jesus didn’t make a clearer, quicker connection with the 2.  How or why would Jesus walk and talk and accept an invitation home without clear recognition of who he was?  Let’s get this going.  Time’s a wasting.  

But wait.  Wow. Was Jesus demonstrating the power of creating reflective space?

Why did Jesus do that? 

Is it time to claim practices that lead to such a reflective space? 

One of the powerful trainings I am excited to be part of is Positive Intelligence (PQ).  

I find that PQ is a great tool to create/empower reflective space as we navigate our journeys.  PQ basics include understanding that each of our brains are muscles.  These muscles include a judge fed by our saboteurs and a sage.   

Saboteurs include: people pleaser, hyper achiever, restless, controller, avoider, victim, stickler, hyper rational and hyper vigilant.

We also have sage parts of our brain.  

Sage powers are empathize, navigate, innovate, explore and activate.

Can you believe that the part of our brains that is most active becomes dominate?   


When the Sage part of our brains are the strongest, we are equipped for things like seeing Jesus more clearly, joining Jesus more powerfully on the journey and building healthy relationship.  

Do you suppose there is a need for more Sage in your world today?

In the next few articles, I will share more about how PQ is making a difference in people’s lives, relationships and with teams.


For now:  Pay extra attention.  How is your judge impacting your relationships and teams?  How is your sage impacting your relationships and teams?

Blessings in all you do.

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