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"An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality." - Simon Sinek 

I really don’t think we can ever renew the church until we stop thinking of it as an institution and start thinking of it as a movement. —Clarence Jordan, letter, 1967

2023 PQ opportunities

Positive Intelligence (PQ)  

I find that PQ is a great tool to create/empower reflective space as we navigate our journeys.  PQ basics include understanding that each of our brains is a muscle.  These muscles include a judge fed by our saboteurs and a sage.

  Intentionally Strengthening the Sage is the work of PQ 

Saboteurs include people pleaser, hyper achiever, restless, controller, avoider, victim, stickler, hyper rational, and hyper-vigilant.

We also have sage parts of our brains. 

Sage powers include the gifts of Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration. 

Sage powers include empathize, navigate, innovate, explore and activate.

Can you believe that the part of our brains that is most active becomes dominant?   

When the Sage part of our brains is the strongest, we are equipped for things like seeing Jesus more clearly, joining Jesus more powerfully on the journey, and building a healthy relationship.  

Do you suppose there is a need for more Sage in your world today?

In the next few articles, I will share more about how PQ is making a difference in people’s lives, relationships, and with teams.

For now:  Pay extra attention.  How is your judge impacting your relationships and teams?  How is your sage impacting your relationships and teams?

Blessings in all you do.

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John Randall

Mental Fitness and Leadership Coach

How has PQ made a difference in my life?

PQ Intelligence training with Rev. John Randall as my coach helped me find and maintain an internal peace in the midst of turbulent situations. It has been particularly helpful in my preparations for what could be difficult meetings. Being able to recognize and name internal negativity and intentionally replace that negativity with a calm, focused internal awareness is helpful in every area of my life. -- 

Rev. Shannon Stringer

Director of Leadership Development

Indiana Conference

United Methodist Church

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