Mental Health Fitness Coach sharing Positive Intelligence (PQ).
Partnering with Individuals and Leadership Teams.
Experience coaching Pastors, Leaders, Churches and Non Profits.
Co-creating Reflective Space to live more fully.

"An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality." - Simon Sinek 

I really don’t think we can ever renew the church until we stop thinking of it as an institution and start thinking of it as a movement. —Clarence Jordan, letter, 1967

Single Board Model for UMC

I have been trained in the Simplified Accountable Board Model for the INUMC.

I received the training through INUMC Church Development.

People's time is valuable.  

Is your church searching for a way to spend fewer people hours in meetings so they can spend more time in ministry, I would look forward to exploring the possibilities.

Healthy accountability is an important part of the training and structure.

If you have implemented a simplified Board model and feel like it is ineffective,

let's explore ways to increase your leaders' accountability so that your leaders are more effective.

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