Mental Health Fitness Coach sharing Positive Intelligence (PQ).
Partnering with Individuals and Leadership Teams.
Experience coaching Pastors, Leaders, Churches and Non Profits.
Co-creating Reflective Space to live more fully.

"An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality." - Simon Sinek 

I really don’t think we can ever renew the church until we stop thinking of it as an institution and start thinking of it as a movement. —Clarence Jordan, letter, 1967

About Me

I have served the Indiana United Methodist Church since 1987.

    • In 1987 I accepted a call as a student pastor @ Hopewell UMC.
    • I received my Elders Orders in 1994.
    • In July of 2019 I was granted a retired statues.
    • I served as a 1/2 time Associate District Superintendent in the Northwest District of the Indiana Conference of the UMC.
    • One of my passions is coaching pastors, lay leadership and church teams to help them reach their potential.
I was trained as a coach through the Coach Trainning for Leaders team.
I am an ICF certified ACC coach currently working on my PCC certification.
I am a member of the INUMC Coaching Team of Leadership Development.
I am trained and certified as a coach and facilitator for Phil Maynard's Discipleship training.
I serve as a member of the Inumc Church Discipleship Committee.

I serve on the INUMC coaching team through INUMC Church Leadership

I specialize in leadership growth both in team and individual settings.

I am a trained Positive Intelligence Coach.

In 2019 my wife Marsha and I formed Trans4Mational Coaching LLC (T4MC) .
          The emphasis of T4MC is to partner with pastors and congregations
           who desire to live into the fullness of God's promise.
In 2021:
           Marsha and I added John Randall Coaching.
           I coach Positive Intelligence (PQ).
           I took SuperVision Coach training.
           I became a charter Member of the Indiana ICF chapter.

In 2022:

           I extended my coaching to United Way.

           I added the opportunity person Coaching on the Porch.

John Randall/Trans4mational Coaching is based in West Lafayette, Indiana.  

By offering coaching on a Zoom platform I am able to provide coaching around the world.

My wife Marsha and I also manage Randallane Farms Inc. .
    • Marsha and I oversee operations on a 600 acre farm in Madison Co. Indiana.
    • I look forward to the opportunity to coach you as an active member of the agricultural community.

In our spare time Marsha and I like to spend time with our family and we love to travel.

I am a collaborative, solution-focused Coach. Through this approach, I provide support, practical feedback and accountability to help clients effectively address personal and professional challenges. I also integrate coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to you or your team. With compassion and understanding, I work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.


    • I am a 3rd generation Purdue boilermaker.  Boiler Up!  Hammer Down!
    • I recieved my MDiv from Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) in Indianapolis, Indiana
    • I Graduated from Zionsville High School.
Certifications, Additional Training & Awards
    • I am an ICF certified ACC working toward my PCC
    • INUMC Church Development SImplified Board Structure
    • INUMC Church Development Visioning.

Professional Activities and Memberships

      • I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
      • I am a charter member of Indiana Chapter of ICF.
      • I am a United Methodist Elder who is serving in the retired statues.
      • Marsha and I are lifetime members of the Purdue Alumni Accociation.

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