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Leadership Teams
Intentional Discipleship
groups such as S.O.I.L 

Coaching opportunities for Businesses and Business Owners

Coaching Opportunities for Non Profits

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new normal church


Guiding Principle: People are not looking for a friendly church. They are looking for a friend.

Old Normal New Normal (Technical) New Normal (Adaptive)

• Interpersonal
o Small groups, affinity

groups, gathering events, dinners for eight, pastoral care, visitation, attendance tracking, prayer chains, prayer groups

• Intentional
o Congregational greeting,

Welcome Center, connect/pew cards, welcome gifts, porch visits, connecting interview, sponsors

• Invitational
o Website, Facebook, Social

Media, Direct Mail,

o Personalinvitations,

business cards, flyers

Staffing: Hospitality/Pastoral Care/Visitation

Crisis is an accelerator.
Doing the same things, virtual expression.Digital church is here to stay.

• Interpersonal
o Check-in phone calls to regular

o Zoom visits by pastors/staff o Small groups by Zoom
o Leadershipphonecalls
o Focus on elderly
o Children’s project kits
o Prayer requests by chat

• Intentional
o Virtual greetings

o On-lineconnectcards
o Phone, email, text follow-up
o Gift cards/donations for filling out

connect cards
o Tracking effectiveness of virtual


• Invitational
o 7 day a week communications by

video messages, emails, texts

In the future, churches will be digital organizations with physical locations.

• Interpersonal
o Worship Watch Parties

o Shepherding groups
o Small group gatherings in

o Virtual home school support


• Intentional
o Watch party host follow-up o Multipletimes/methodsof

guest follow-up

• Invitational
o Training in sharing personal

o Neighborhood (non-member)

check in calls and support

Staffing: (paid/non-paid) for social media support, On-line pastor

Guiding Principle: Passionate worship is designed for engagement of worshipers.

Old Normal New Normal (Technical) New Normal (Adaptive)

Creative Worship Design

o Musical support o Media
o Liturgy
o Aesthetics

Preaching style

o Traditional
o Limited engagement –

physical presence o 30-45 minute


• Sacraments
o Holy Communion

o Baptism

Staffing: Worship Leader/ Pastor

• Creative Worship Design- Virtual o Musical support:

same/simpler acoustic o Media – enhanced use o Liturgy – reduced
o Moreproduced/edited

o Professionalvideo/sound
o Drive-in church
o Drive-throughcommunion/


• Preaching style
o Same/more relaxed and sitting o Interactive through chat

function – even responding to

o Shorter messages –recognizing

short attention spans for screen viewing

• Sacraments
o Conference guidelines

o Family and friends – small gatherings

• •

Facebook Live interactive: responding to questions, participants sharing insights, prayer requests by chat

Perhaps a shift toward smaller in- person gatherings in homes supported by church staff for worship and fellowship

Additional worship offerings to accommodate smaller groups when returning to facilities

Offerings in physical worship will be touch-free

Preaching style

o Additional ‘voices’ to on-line messaging

o Fireside chat approach

o Dialogue-style messages using chat function


o Baptisms will become a family affair

o Presentation of communion will change

Staffing: On-Line Pastor/ Working Remotely

Guiding Principle: Growth as a disciple happens through a clear pathway that is intentional, relational, and accountable.

Old Normal New Normal (Technical) New Normal (Adaptive)

  • Classes – educational focus

  • Small groups

  • Offerings/not pathway

  • Clergy/staff led commitment

  • Age level ministry focus

  • Senior adult trips/activities

  • Membership classes

Staffing: Discipleship Pastor/ Team, volunteer teachers

  • Small group classes – virtual

  • Spiritual growth reading lists/groups/


  • Children and youth virtual activities

  • Drive-through activity packs for kids

  • Pastoral care focus/physical needs

  • Family-centered/intergenerational

  • Virtual small groups for training

  • Discipleship Partnerships

    o Spiritualfriends
    o Triads
    o Apprenticing partner o Mentors
    o Teachers
    o Coaches
    o Spiritual Directors

  • Clear pathways (virtual options)o discipleship

    o membership o leadership
    o mission

  • Intentional training curriculum

  • Outdoor gatherings for social


Staffing: On-line pastor, trained un- paid virtual staff

Guiding Principle: Disciples join Jesus in God’s ministry of love for the world.

Old Normal New Normal (Technical) New Normal (Adaptive)

  • Administrative committees

  • Short-term missions

  • Community service

  • Community dinners

  • Adopt-A-School

  • Food Pantry

  • Financial Assistance

  • Special offerings

  • Virtual teams

  • Home maintenance for at-risk

  • Lunch boxes for children

  • Funding dinners from local restaurants

  • Food collections

  • Shopping for at-risk seniors

  • Financial Assistance

  • Partnerships with local social service


  • Partnerships with local businesses o Mentoring

    o Coaching

  • Job training/placement

  • Emerging needs (virtual)
    o Home schooling support

    o Recovery programs o Tutoring students

Old Normal

  • Tithes and Offerings

  • On-line giving (limited)

  • Special offerings

  • Endowments

  • Fundraisers

Guiding Principle: To thrive, not survive, give yourself away.

New Normal (Technical)

• Tithes and offerings – on-line/mail in • Expanded on-line giving to include

donations from non-members

focused on community causes
• Special offerings focused on local

community needs
• Financial management training – as

part of discipleship pathway
• Narrative budgets emphasizing the

impact on community

New Normal (Adaptive)

  • On-line giving

  • Mail giving

  • 501c3 organizations

  • Alternate revenue streams

    o Event space
    o Office space rental
    o Church-owned businesses o Staff raising salaries
    o Developmentpartnerships

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