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S.O.I.L -- Support Overcoming Interrupted Life


A picture containing building, windowDescription automatically generatedAre the bars of the current pandemic(s) keeping you from seeing God’s presence?

What about:

…. physical gatherings?
… church vitality?
… financial concerns?
… discipleship?
                                                                       … spiritual Life?
                                                           … how do I fill my spiritual bucket?
     … serving the community?
                                                                                  … stressed people?
                                                                             … seeing God’s plan and presence?
I am inviting you to join me on the journey through our current Pandemic(s)?

For 30 years as an Elder in the UMC I have had a mission to help people answer God’s call by ‘Saying Yes to Jesus’.  A few years ago, I experienced a call to intentionally journey with leaders, both Clergy and Laity.  I retooled as a coach to be able to expand my ability to invest in clergy and laity as they take steps to intentionally follow God.

As we live through the current pandemic(s), we are in uncharted territory.  

I have noticed 2 responses:  

                  1.  Hold on until we return to normal.  

                  2.   Actively live into the future.

I want to intentionally invest in leaders whose desire is to actively live into the future.  

  • leaders could be clergy 
  • leaders could be staff – paid or volunteer
  • leaders could be leadership from a local congregation

If this is you or someone you know, I invite you to be part of a group coaching experience designed to support and equip you and your ministry.   

What you will receive:

  • New and deeper relationships.
  • Support you as you share your heart, your struggles and your joys.
  • Group think:  Each participant will have an opportunity to share a ministry issue with a provided case study format.   The purpose will be to gain from the group’s support, creativity and wisdom.
  • Individual coaching sessions:  2 -- 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with Coach John Randall  

The plan:

  • 5-6 people in each group.
  • We will meet as a group 2 times per month for 3 months.
    • The first 2 groups will start September 15th and meet every other week at 11:00 and 1:00 (EST).
    • Other days and times are available.  
    • During the weeks we do not meet you will be paired with and meet with another member.
  • All meetings will be by zoom.
  • Cost will be $125/month or $300 total if paid in full in September.
  • Special offer:  If you refer 5 participants, you may participate for free. (20% off for each referral)

Contact me: 

Coach John Randall               [email protected]    


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