Positive Intelligence (PQ)  

I find that PQ is a great tool to create/empower reflective space as we navigate our journeys.  PQ basics include understanding that each of our brains are muscles.  These muscles include a judge fed by our saboteurs and a sage.  

Strengthening the Sage is the work of PQ 

Saboteurs include: people pleaser, hyper achiever, restless, controller, avoider, victim, stickler, hyper rational and hyper vigilant.

We also have sage parts of our brain.  

Sage powers are empathize, navigate, innovate, explore and activate.

Can you believe that the part of our brains that is most active becomes dominate?   


When the Sage part of our brains are the strongest, we are equipped for things like seeing Jesus more clearly, joining Jesus more powerfully on the journey and building healthy relationship.  

Do you suppose there is a need for more Sage in your world today?


In the next few articles, I will share more about how PQ is making a difference in people’s lives, relationships and with teams.

For now:  Pay extra attention.  How is your judge impacting your relationships and teams?  How is your sage impacting your relationships and teams?

Blessings in all you do.

Intentional Discipleship


Intentional Discipleship:

Making Maturing Disciples of Jesus Christ  for the Transformation of the World.

Relational, Intentional and Accountable

I am now trained as a facilitator and coach for Intentional Discipleship

The Intentional Discipleship Workshop will draw from Dr. Maynard’s book Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back into the Game of Effective Ministry.    

Trans4mational Coaching is offering coaching packages to help in the implementation of Intentional Discipleship in your church.  

Trans4mational Coaching  can also bring the training to your location for your church or a group of churches.


Next Steps:


Ask God to direct you to 3 or more who have a heart for Discipleship in your community.

Form a beginning group

Intentionally Focus your group of being Relational, Intentional and Accountable

Partner with Church leaders from other churches for support, creative ideas and insights.

Invite me to talk to your leadership team about Intentional Discipleship.

Monthly ZOOM based coaching will form after Feb. 9th.

Coaching opportunities:

To support Churches as they start Intentional Discipleship, The Northwest District Operational Team has authorized a the following grants:

  • Multi church group coaching:
    • Full price:             $30/session x 10 sessions = $300
    • Price with grant:  $10/session x 10 sessions = $100  (20 grants available)
  • Individual church coaching:
    • Full price:              $100/session x 10 sessions = $1,000
    • Price with Grant:   $50/session x 10 sessions = $500 (10 grants available)
  • Add on individual coaching:  
    • Full price:              $100/session x 5 = $500
    • Price with grant:    $50/session x 5 = $250 (10 grants available)

“John Randall brings a pastor’s heart and a coach’s mind together to equip the local congregation  to become church in this age.  I recommend this program for those who desire to disciple people who can transform the world.”

Dr. Jim Robey, United Methodist Minister and Master Certified Coach


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we look forward to the opportunity

to help you put these lessons

to work for you.


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