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You are invited to a S.O.I.L group
      S.  upport
              O.  vercoming
               I.   nterrupted
 L.  ife
What about:
…. physical gatherings?
… church vitality?
… financial concerns?
… discipleship?
… spiritual Life?
… how do I fill my spiritual bucket?
… serving the community?
… stressed people?
… seeing God’s plan and presence?
I am inviting you to join me on the journey through our current Pandemic(s)?
Groups forming now.
Groups start September 15th.
More information on this site.
Intentional Discipleship
By Phil Maynard
Refresh and Introduction
Have you been interested in Intentional Discipleship?
Is it time to learn more?
Is it time to refocus?
This is an opportunity to plan and get ready for the fall.
Tuesday, August 18th 6:30-8:00pm (EST)
Led by John Randall 
Presented through zoom
For Clergy and Laity. 
Teams are encouraged to join us together.
A team is 3-9 people. 
The purpose is to help equip you to intentionally build relationships that
Make Disciples of Jesus Who Make Disciples of Jesus.
You can expect:
Introduction to Intentional Discipleship 
Plans for next steps.
Opportunity to plan as a team
Introduction to tools available for implementation
This is a free workshop provided by support from the INUMC Leadership Development team and your apportionments
To join us or for more information contact:
John Randall

Covid19 and churches

Online Hosts
Covid-19 response:
Have you ever seen such a drastic change in the world?
It is a crisis.
I am so impressed with pastors and churches.  You are adapting at record speed.
What will be the next normal?
Pastors and lay leaders are adapting to meet the
spiritual, relational and physical needs of their communities.
How is that budget being effected?
I believe and I have seen that churches that live their why by meeting the spiritual, relational and physical needs of the community as the pay attention to church administration will be effective in the next new reality.
New Coaching Opportunity:
Preparing for The Next Normal.
'... I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?'  Is 43:19(NLT)
As caterpillars become butterflies they enter the cacoon.  
Inside the cacoon everything goes to goo.  
Which is the best description for the world where God has placed you today?
The last few months church leaders have adapted and changed at an amazing and exhausting pace. 
The church has left the building.
The result for many is a growing, dispersed faith community. 
How do you also add back a gathered community?  When?  Should you?  How do you create capacity to do both? 
The next few months are vitally important to the ministry of your congregation. 
I am an ACC certified coach and a UMC Elder. 
I currently serve as ADS of the Northwest District of the Indiana UMC.
I am offering a coaching opportunity for 6-8 clergy.
This coaching experience is for clergy of any denomination. 
The purpose is to intentionally walk through this season of goo.
The goal is to live into the beautiful butterfly God has already begun to create.
The reason is that as we walk together, we each see more clearly with the support, creativity and prayers of the group.
Over a 5 month period we will meet 8 times as a group and 4 times for individual coaching. 
Contact me at [email protected], or 260-466-6405 for more details.
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